Families Federations

Families Federations work closely with individual welfare units on each base to provide support throughout the whole of your service and for up to a year after leaving the service.


They offer help and support for a wide variety of issues, engaging locally, regionally and nationally with the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Covenant partnerships.​

Service specific federations

SSAFA is the oldest tri-service charity, they support serving personnel and their families across all 3 services. They will support you from day one and for as long as you need help throughout your life. They can assist with casework support, social issues and housing, debt advice, schooling and healthcare.

Each service has regular newsletters and social media updates sharing events and information. For those that don't live on base, the RAF also has a Facebook page for dispersed families.

All of the services are charities and staffed by a mix of paid employees and volunteers.