Service children school admissions

It is useful to plan ahead when considering school admissions and get an application in as early as possible.

Applying for a school place in Northamptonshire

Even though the covenant ensures you will be given a school place for your child on posting, it does not guarantee you will be given your school of choice. 


Research the schools in your area and contact the admissions team as soon as possible, informing them that your child is a military child.

The Defence Directorate of Children and Young People's advice is to keep records of previous schools and inform school admissions that you are a forces family.

Search for schools in your area

You can use the schools directory to search for schools in your area:

Schools directory

The appeals process

The appeals process can be used to challenge any school admissions decision. It is important to be clear and concise on appeals documents. If you need support with this, your unit welfare team should be able to assist.

School Admissions - Northamptonshire

Further help

The Service Children in State Schools Alliance and the Service Children's Progression Alliance provide help, advice and support to teachers, schools and families.

They provide useful research, resources and information on service children in schools.