Recovery support

​If you suffered or are suffering a physical injury that occurred while serving, you must ensure you register with your local GP once you have left the Armed Forces and make an appointment to discuss the injury and your needs.

If you left the Armed Forces a while ago but are still suffering with an injury that occurred during service, your GP may be able to fast-track a referral for treatment. 

Transferring your medical records over to your new medical practice


Your medical records should get transferred over when you are registered with a new practice but this can take some time. If you were previously being looked after at one of the NHS - National trauma centres (PDF) they will provide you with all the information to transfer your care.

Organisations outside of the NHS that can help you find additional recovery support

Hear 4 u

Hear 4 u provide free hearing checks and treatments for veterans with hearing loss and damage. They have clinics in Rothwell, Kettering and Leicester.

Royal British Legion – Battle Back Centre

The Royal British Legion work alongside the Army to assist in recovery of wounded, sick or injured Armed Forces personnel. They will help you to recover so you can return to service or transition into civilian life. They run a number of activities to help you to recover including:

  • archery
  • climbing
  • caving
  • watersports
  • wheelchair basketball

To attend a course at the Battle Back Centre you must be referred by your unit welfare or personal recovery officer.


Blesma is a charity who provide support to those that have suffered life-changing limb loss or loss of an eye or eyesight. The services offered by Blesma include:

  • prosthetic advice and support
  • activities
  • grants

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes are a national charity and have a recovery programme that supports wounded service and ex-service personnel through their recovery with a large range of courses and activities.

Northamptonshire Sport

Getting involved in physical sporting activities can improve physical health, mental health and provide valuable social support.

Northamptonshire Sport are also a member of Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Support (NFDS).

Reach for Health

Reach for Health is an NHS accredited charity located in Daventry that provide a wide range of rehabilitation support for people in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties. They support various physical and mental health conditions such as:

  • multiple sclerosis
  • amputations
  • stroke to joint pains
  • depression
  • anxiety

If you feel you could benefit from their services, speak to your GP who may be able to refer you.

Futures Housing Group

An organisation providing housing, in particular sheltered living accommodation, to those that need extra support due to healthcare issues. They also provide a Telecare service which allows individuals to stay at home independently but with help just a push of a button away.

Visit the Independent Living page on their website to read more.