Substance misuse support

If you or your loved ones need support through substance misuse recovery, there are some great organisations in Northamptonshire that support the armed forces community.

Information provided to the following organisations will be treated in a confidential manner. You will be treated with utmost respect when accessing the services.

Organisations that support recovery

You can self-refer to the following organisations or get a referral through a professional. If you need help and advice please ensure you visit your GP or social worker, who can refer you to the appropriate organisation.


Bridge are primarily based in Northampton but operate countywide. They are a commissioned service that provide peer mentoring support. Clients must be at least 18 years of age to use their services. The mentors at Bridge have all overcome substance misuse and therefore have a good understanding of addiction and how to overcome it.

​Substance to Solution

Substance to Solution are a countywide organisation and work jointly with Bridge. They provide a vast range of services for every stage of your recovery including:

  • specialist prescriptions
  • family support
  • group sessions
  • detox

Find out more about Substance to Solution on the Change Grow Live website.


Aquarius raise awareness through training to frontline staff and volunteers about alcohol and drug abuse and gambling. They can also provide advice and support to families.

Support groups

In addition to the organisations that support recovery, there are informal support groups available in Northamptonshire.