05 November 2020

Local partners would like to develop ‘Armed Forces Community Hubs’ across Northamptonshire for members of the Armed Forces community (those currently serving, Reservists, Veterans and family members).

The proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs would provide a warm and welcoming place where any member of the Armed Forces community could go to for advice, help and comradeship - all free to access and attend. The Hubs would offer activities such as walking groups and of course refreshments.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the partners would also like to develop interactive virtual Hubs that would offer the next best thing.

The Virtual Community Hubs will allow people to chat to each other and with local community groups. Plus, we are teaming up with Adult Learning to offer online training courses such as healthy eating on a budget for families and emotional resilience as well as links to partner organisations.

We intend to offer support and training in order for people to develop their digital skills and thus be able to access the Virtual Community Hubs.

We are keen for members of the Armed Forces community to complete the survey however we also welcome views from those in the wider community.

Complete the survey

If you have any questions or enquires about the proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs, please contact the Armed Forces Covenant Partnership Officer via covenant@northamptonshire.gov.uk or 0791 2891735.

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