11 June 2019

​FORces Logistics Northants is a free initiative for members of the military family - Service Leavers, Veterans, Dependent of serving personnel and members of the Cadet forces.

 The aim of this scheme is to:

  • Help service leavers successfully transition to civilian careers in the logistics sector that make best use of all the skills and expertise they have gained while in the Armed Forces.
  • Help veterans and service dependents (partners and children to get new careers in logistics that recognise their education and work experience.
  • Help cadets aged 16 to 18 understand the many exciting apprenticeship opportunities available in the logistics sector that will enable them to use the skills and training they have gained in the Cadets.

As veterans we know that leaving the forces can be difficult. It takes time to find your way around the civilian system so we have developed a comprehensive support package for the military family. The tables below explain what support we offer:

​Category​CV preparation workshop​Interview training workshop​Get to know Logistics evenings​One-day company visits
​Service leaver​Yes​Yes​Yes​Yes



* = completed as a part of the Apprenticeship Ready course.

​Category​Mentor support (ex-forces now working in logistics)​Apprenticeship Ready course​Paid work-placements
​Service leaver​Yes​No​Yes

 ** = if veteran has left HM Forces within the last 5 years.

Please note, there is no cost as FORces Logistics Northants support is free to members of the military family.

Upcoming events

CV preparation workshop - August and September

Run by veterans and HR professionals from logistics companies, the CV preparation workshop helps you to translate your military and other experiences into an attractive CV that you put in front of any logistics employer.

Interview training workshop - August and September

Run by HR professionals from logistics companies, the Interview training workshop will demystify the selection interview. You will develop your interview skills, learning how to present your military and other experiences in ways that are relevant to the logistics sector.

Get to know logistics evenings

Come and have a curry or pizza with us and find out about the many different careers available in logistics. Meet people from the FORces Logistics Northants companies. Talk to veterans who now work in logistics. Get to know logistics evenings are held four times a year in June and September.

One-day company visits

Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted! We have all seen warehouses, but what goes on inside them? What jobs do people do? Book a place on a one-day company visit to find out.

Mentor support

As Veterans we know that HM Forces can be hard. While many veterans successfully transition to a civilian careers, lots of us find being a civvy strange. FORces Logistics Northants mentors are all veterans that are now logistics professionals. They will help you to make best use of your military skills and attributes and settle into civvy street. Mentors are available for people that have attended a 'Get to know logistics' evening.

Apprentice Ready course

A one-day course for cadets aged 16 or more. It will introduce you to the many careers on offer in the logistics sector and describe the exciting apprenticeships on offer. You will develop a CV to appeal to logistics managers, and practice your interview skills. Managers and apprentices from logistics companies will be there for you to meet and question. You will leave with a personal development plan that will help you get an apprenticeship, job, or college or university place of your choice. An 'Apprenticeship Ready' course is being held in Northampton on 6 July.

Paid work placements

For those people that have attended a 'Get to know logistics' evening, the CV preparation, the interview training workshops, and done a one-day company visit, paid work placements may be available. Lasting for between 4 and 12 weeks, a paid placement will enable you to experience life and work in a dynamic logistics business.

Once you have begun your Forces Logistics Northants support scheme, contact Charlotte Patrick to register your interest in a paid work placement. Please note that paid work placements are not guaranteed for everybody.

To book a place on any of the above, or for more information, please email Charlotte Patrick using charlotte.patrick@northampton.ac.uk

Phone: 01604 892553

Visit the FORces Logistics Northants website.

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